BPO & Call Center

BPO & Call Centre

Contact Center Greenfield Solutions: A complete approach.

Many Entrepreneurs are drawn to the BPO industry by the thought and Idea that it is a booming sector and one can easily blend in it. Contrary to beliefs the BPO Industry aspirants need the right knowledge to be successful in this highly competitive Industry. With Contact Centers mushrooming all across India clients today do not make Outsourcing decisions in our favor very easily. The changing technology has now made it very easy to start a BPO unit. Very seldom do Entrepreneurs understand that it is not only about Infrastructure or the resources. It is entirely about the right blend of Talent, Infrastructure and Determination with Investment capacities.

At Apssinopus we incubate your Ideas; with our years of experience in this Industry we help you transform your dreams into Reality. The Services that we offer are as follows:

  1. Detailed BPO Project Preparation & Execution: We prepare a DPR (detailed project report) for Investors who want to be a part of this Industry. The DPR provides insight to the Costs Involved, the Risks and rewards in the BPO Industry. Along with this a CAPEX and OPEX outlay and a detailed projection of Revenue for the Next 3 years are incorporated.

  1. Technology Choice & Infrastructure Selection: Technology used and the Infrastructure is the key to a good BPO. In our endeavour to make a good unit the Entrepreneurs tend to concentrate on looks of the Center. We on the contrary plan according to the Vision of the company and the Long term goals. We prepare a detailed Technical Document which contains the technology to be used and the costs involved.

  1. Recruitment & Training: Finding the Proper Staff & resources for the BPO is one of the most challenging aspects of the entire Business. With high attrition rates and a minimum margin for error many new companies close operations due to the lack of proper manpower. We at Apssinopus assist the company in selecting the correct resources as per their requirement. Our experience helps us to analyse and select the best man for the Job. Post the recruitment we use our experienced trainers to train the resources to make them Industry Ready.

  1. Business Incubation & Operations Support: The biggest advantage for Greenfield operations with Apssinopus is the Business Incubation Concept. We help you by incubating the Operations with the help of our expert guidance. We handle the entire Operation from HR, Administration, Floor Operations, Technology Operations and even Finance Management of the Greenfield center for a period of 6 months (six months) directly. Then the management operates the center with our supervision for the remaining 6 months. After handholding the center for 1 year the center is able to operate smoothly.

  1. Business Development and Client Acquisition: The life blood of any new BPO is the business that generates revenue. We provide established business to our Project centers. The business we provide is graduated from a Basic support service to an Operation Critical service. Our long standing relation with our clients in the US, UK and Australia help us source the correct projects for the centers.

Existing BPO Centers

For existing BPO centers we provide services that would help them achieve better ROI (return on investments). Before taking up any consultancy we conduct a BPO audit. This audit exposes the current problems being faced with the BPO. We suggest the necessary changes and help the center to achieve better business excellence.

Following Services we provide to the Established Centers:

  1. BPO Audit

  2. Business Plan Re-modelling

  3. Operations support

  4. Recruitment and Training.

  5. Business Outsourcing & Client Acquisition.

Outbound Call Center Services

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Inbound Call center services

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